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Cambodja voorbeeldreis

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Cambodja voorbeeldreis

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Op deze Cambodja voorbeeldreis bezoekt u natuurlijk het prachtige Angkor Wat en de vele tempels rondom. Maar ook een blik op de recente geschiedenis met een bezoek aan de Killing Fields ontbreekt hier niet.

Daarna gaat u door naar het zuiden met enkele dagen rust en relaxen op een bounty island voor de kust van Sihanoukville.

  • Beste reisperiode : van november tot en met april.
Dag 1 - Siem Reap - Bezoek Angkor Wat
Arrival in Siem Reap   Upon clearing Customs and Immigration, you are met by our guide who will be carrying an ICS Travel Group sign which will note your name. Your guide will present you with a welcome packet including all necessary documentation and vouchers and all contact information of your guide and local offices.   Transfer   Excursion by bicycle to Angkor Wat  (=7*2 KM, 4 Hours)   The crowning jewel of Khmer architecture, ANGKOR WAT is the national symbol and the highlight of any visit to Cambodia. The largest, best preserved, and most religiously significant of the Angkor temples, Angkor impresses visitors both by its sheer scale and beautifully proportioned layout, as well as the delicate artistry of its carvings. To approach the temple, first cross the vast moat, continuing along a broad causeway lined with naga balustrades. As you enter the main building, ascend through a series of galleries and courtyard before reaching the central sanctuary, which offers beautiful views back over the causeway and across the surrounding countryside. On the way, stop to enjoy the intricate stonecarvings that adorn nearly every surface, with some 1,700 Apsaras, or celestial dancers, sculpted into the walls. Along the outer gallery walls run the longest continuous bas-relief in the world, which narrates stories from Hindu mythology, including the famous Churning of the Ocean of Milk. Angkor Wat is stunning at any time of the day, but sunrise and sunset are especially beautiful times to watch the play of light on the stones. Visit a temple for sunset (90 Minutes)   Watch the sun set over the Cambodian countryside from the upper terraces of an ancient Angkorian temple.
Dag 2 - Angkor Wat
Sightseeing in Angkor   Visit Angkor Thom (2.5 Hours)   The fortified city of Angkor Thom covers an area of 10 square km. Enclosed by a wall and wide moats; the city includes many of Angkor's most popular sights. Enter by the monumental South Gate over a causeway lined on either side by statues of demons and gods, each carrying a giant naga.  Continue to the Terrace of the Elephants and the Terrace of the Leper Kings, former spaces for public ceremonies, both adorned with dramatic bas reliefs. Visit the ruined Baphuon, Royal Enclosure and Phimeanakas before continuing to the mysterious Bayon Temple. In this temple, one of the most popular and compelling in Angkor, explore the galleries of beautifully preserved bas reliefs and ascend narrow stairs to reach the central sanctuary, where giant stone faces smiling enigmatically down from every angle. Visit Ta Prohm temple (2 Hours)   Ta Prohm is one of the most popular attractions of Angkor as much of the jungle has not been cleared and it looks very much as most of the Angkor monuments would have appeared when European explorers first stumbled across them. Visit Banteay Kdei Temple (45 Minutes)   A massive Buddhist temple dating from the second half of the 12th century, Banteay Kdei is surrounded by four concentric walls, the outer walls measuring 500 by 700 metres. Visit Banteay Srei Temple (90 Minutes)   Seemingly miniature in comparison to the other Angkor temples, Banteay Srei is considered to be the jewel of classical Khmer art. Built in pink sandstone, the walls are covered in exquisitely preserved carvings of unusual delicacy. Because of its small size, wondrous atmosphere and extraordinary examples of Khmer sculpture, this temple is often a favourite with visitors.
Dag 3 - Siem Reap
Excursion by boat to Chong Kneas floating village for a short market visit (40 KM, 4 Hours)   Start early in the morning to explore the morning market at Chong Kneas Village for a memorable opportunity to witness the scenery of the communities living around the lake. Sightseeing in Angkor   Visit Preah Khan (1 Hours)   Preah Khan is a temple built by King Jayavarman VII with towering enclosures and shoulder-hugging corridors in a jungle setting. Preah Khan covers a very large area but the temple itself is enclosed within a rectangular wall of around 700 by 800 metres. Visit Neak Pean Temple (40 Minutes)   Neak Pean was built by King Jayavarman VII (ruled 1181 to 1201), it is a Buddhist temple consisting of a square pool with four smaller square pools arranged on each axis.  In the centre of the large central pool is a circular island encircled by two nagas with intertwined tails.
Dag 4 - Siem Reap - Phnom Penh
By vehicle from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh (317 KM, 7 Hours) 
Dag 5 - Phnom penh - Killing fields
Morning at leisure    (no ICS guide)   Excursion to the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Museum (40 KM, 4 Hours)   Explore a dark chapter in the history of Cambodia with visits to the TUOL SLENG MUSEUM and the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek. The Tuol Sleng Museum (Museum of Genocide) was formerly the Tuol Svay Prey High School, then in 1975 it became the main torture and interrogation centre under the Khmer Rouge. It was known as Security Prison 21 or just S-21. The Killing Fields of Choeung Ek were where many people who were tortured in the S-21 prison were brought to be executed. Many mass graves were found in this area.
Dag 6 - Phnom Penh - Kampot
By vehicle from Phnom Penh to Kampot with sightseeing at Tonle Bati and Phnom Chisor (=158+50 KM, 6 Hours)   Journey southwest to the province of Kampot. TONLE BATI: a lake south of Phnom Penh, with a beach and the impressive laterite temple of Ta Prohm.  TA PROHM: a temple built by King Jayavarman VII (who ruled from 1181 to 1201) on the site of a 6th century Khmer shrine. A stele found here dates from 1574 and inside the north gate is a statue of the Hindu god Preah Noreay. PHNOM CHISOR: the main temple on this hill is constructed of laterite and brick with carved lintels of sandstone. The inscriptions found here date back to the 11th century and the wooden doors to the sanctuary are decorated with interesting carvings. Kampot: located on the Tuk Chhou River and the provincial capital of Kampot Province, Cambodia's most important durian growing region. Kampot is a good base from which to visit the abandoned hill station of Bokor and the Tek Chhou Falls that are some 8 kilometers out of town.
Dag 7 - Kampot
Vrije dag. Tip : bezoek aan Bokor nationaal Park en een peperplantage.
Dag 8 - Kampot - Sihanoukville - Koh Rong Samloem
transfer from Kampot to sihanoukville and fast ferry to the bounty island of Koh Rong Samloem.
Dag 9 - Koh Rong Samloem
Vrije dag op het strand. Dit kleine eiland heeft parelwitte stranden, een prachtige jungle in het centrum van het eiland en zeer laid-back gevoel. Hier is het genieten en relaxen.
Dag 10 - Koh Rong Samloem
Vrije dag.
Dag 11 - Koh Rong Samloem
Vrije dag.
Dag 12 - Koh Rong Samloem - Sihanoukville - Phnom Penh
Transfer by fast ferry to Sihanoukville and by car to Phnom Penh. overnight in Phnom Penh.
Dag 13 - Phnom Penh
Transfer to the airport and return back home.